Work at Italfondiario

People are our most important asset. Skill and motivation are the values that determine our success. This is why we look for seasoned professionals with a solid work background, but also young people with high potential to contribute enthusiasm and determination to our business goals.

Our strong points:


We are aware that our success also depends on the success of our clients.


We make every effort to guarantee excellent services and to work towards the highest standards of professionalism.


We believe in team work, sharing and integrating our skills, and developing relationships that create value and know-how.


Italfondiario is the Italian leader in outsourced credit management, for loans that are current, impaired, or non-performing. For over 100 years, we have been an authority in the world of finance, based on our prestige, reliability, and solid reputation, in an ever-growing market segment.


Italfondiario offers concrete opportunities for professional growth. People are evaluated based on their skill and potential. There are various career tracks for both management positions and other professional roles.


As attested to by top rating agencies, Italfondiario’s training programs are known for their quality and innovation. The employee training activities are ongoing and constantly updated. In addition to training in the main areas of specialisation, the company also plans specific managerial training programs tailored to individuals or groups. There are entry-training programs offered through the Italfondiario Academy, providing a bright future for recent graduates by allowing them to develop their specialisation in credit management. The know-how developed by Italfondiario is one of the company’s assets and responsibility must be taken to keep it from being dispersed. This is why we choose to pass it on to new generations of professionals in house.

We are a dynamic company with a modern structure. We look for professional profiles with varying levels of seniority to cover various roles.

In order to select the most qualified candidates, the company uses advanced methods and evaluation tools to gauge ability and potential.

Who we look for:
Asset Manager
Within Italfondiario, this is the figure tasked with managing the strategic asset of non-performing loans (NPL). The Asset Manager guarantees protection for credit assets taken on and entrusted to client banks, in keeping with portfolio goals and current regulations. The ideal professional profile includes a law degree, sufficient knowledge of insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings, and awareness of economic and financial aspects. This figure should have experience in debt management regarding bank loans, both in and out of court.
Financial Portfolio Analyst
This professional figure works on strategic planning alongside corporate management. Financial portfolio analysts compile and update the reports and models used in monitoring the performance of assets under management. They participate in due diligence activities for the valuation of new NPL portfolios to be purchased and the scouting out of new business opportunities. Fundamental requisites include a degree in economics, as well as experience in investment analysis and economic and financial performance evaluation.
Real Estate Specialist
This professional figure performs various activities within specialised areas, covering the full range of real estate services: appraisal, property management, and marketing. For the area of appraisal, candidates with technical skills are preferred, both in terms of professional know-how and university background, with a particular focus on those holding degrees in architecture or engineering. The most appropriate placement for candidates with degrees in law or economics would be the areas of property management and marketing.